I’m a history buff who loves exploring the city on foot.

I began this blog in the bitter cold winter of 2012, partly because I wanted to figure out how this WordPress thing worked, and partly because I had started to take walks. Many walks. In bone-chilling, 23-degree weather. I had no clear itinerary for these walks, followed wherever my curiosity took me, and began writing down what I had noticed.

One thing I did notice was that construction is everywhere; New York City keeps reincarnating itself. What was once a majestic bank has now become a private residence and art gallery. The creaking masts of the Peking at South Street Seaport are tangent reminders of the Big Apple’s rich seafaring history. I began to wonder about the stories behind the places that I had passed by everyday but never seemed to take notice of. I would hurry home with questions, uncover interesting historical tidbits about the city, and started taking notes. And thus this blog was born.

I don’t spend hours conducting research at the library; much of what I learn has come from those who are far more expert on matters of New York City history. What I hope to do with this blog is to retell the stories of New York City’s past through photos and images of places and moments, big and small. It is a way for me to document my studies of the characters, sights, and smells of New York. A city I have come to love more and more with each walk I take.


Likes: Dormer windows, vintage maps, cobblestones peeking out underneath asphalt, colonial New York, tenement buildings, bodies of water, old restaurants, cornice moldings, Chinatown, neon signs, ancient gnarly trees, used bookstores, bucolic rambles

Dislikes: Rats and pigeons

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ken Sacharin said:

    I want to add my voice to hosermatc’s. Fascinating material, extremely we’ll presented! Thank you.

  2. hosermatic said:

    Great job on this blog! I just spent this afternoon reading every post and now I’m thirsty for more! Any chance you’ll be updating soon?

    • Thanks so much for your message! Working on a new post. Haven’t updated in a while, but I’m really pushing myself to just WRITE, there’s just so many glorious discoveries in NYC. Thanks for reading!

  3. Allie Bonds said:

    This is a great site! Why don’t you update anymore?

  4. What a treat here, so well researched, and so much familiar to me. I moved to NY around ’64 and left in ’93. I lived on the Lower East Side, in Hell’s Kitchen, and in a Chinatown loft (next to the Sun Sing Theatre which I frequented and you brilliantly memorialized). I moved to Brooklyn around ’69, Downtown, later named Boerum Hill until leaving the state. It’s an incredible city. You reminded me of the best, most glorious, fabulous moods of it, and thank you.

  5. Linda! I think we were separated at birth:-) I found your blog through Yuki Ohta. I’d love to cross link with you as we’ll as get acquainted.
    Take a look at my site The New York Wanderer http://www.newyorkwanderer.com please
    Ben Feldman

  6. Just read your fabulous post on “Hell’s Hundred Acres.” I have a blog about the history of SoHo called The SoHo Memory Project (www.sohomemory.com). Would you be interested in reprinting your post on my blog, with, of course, info about and links to yours??? In any case, I will add you to my blogroll. Thanks for the great writing. BTW, I’m not so crazy about rats or pigeons either!

  7. What a nice surprise. Another NYC lover who loves walking!

  8. eddyskitchen said:

    You have an awesome website! Keep it up.

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